Apparently, there is some sort of sports team in America called the “Bears”
But do not be deceived.
They are not real bears.
They are only people who claim to be bears.
They have no place here.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that I don’t default to playing like 99% of scene drummers do, I default to playing like an early 90s “funk metal” drummer. Faith No More, old Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Victim’s Family. I listen to all those drummers play and their parts feel natural to me. Following palm muted rhythm guitar obsessively on kick isn’t my thing.

fuck u i m horse

fuck u i m horse

For all of us white guys who say “BUT I’M NOT IN A POSITION OF POWER”



The idea isn’t that all white guys occupy positions of power, it’s that the majority of powerful positions are occupied by white guys. Common misconception.

It is true that the majority of titled positions of power (CEO, President, Director, etc) are occupied by white men, but it is also true that whiteness is itself a position of power. Whiteness is a contributing factor in how white men gain titled positions of power.

Are you saying that the social construct around white skin is a position of power or that the simple physical characteristic of having white skin is a position of power? To the former, sure, to the latter, come oooon

There is of course no better way to reaffirm a word’s evil power than by making it unsayable. Many students, unfortunately, have committed themselves to the mindset that everything that bothers them should be banned—or at the very least, should come with a warning label so that they may avoid ever encountering a troubling word or concept.